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Speaking about machine learning and Xbox achievements

A couple of my recent articles were about machine learning and image classification in C#. These posts were the results of a pet project on which I was working. I will be speaking about this project at a couple of events in the coming weeks.

Scene It?

While playing the movie trivia game Scene It? on my Xbox 360 back in 2007, I had the feeling that with a camera, computer and some software, it should be much easier to get the correct answers to the questions in the game. But where to start?

As there are many tools, frameworks, and libraries available these days that could help, I thought it was about time to start build such an application.

In the coming weeks I will be speaking about my endeavor at a couple of events. I you like, you can join me there.

.NET Virtual Conference

Logo of C# Corner

The first opportunity to join me is the organized by C# Corner. My session is on Friday 16 Oct at 11:30 EDT (17:30 CEST).

See the agenda for all the great keynotes and sessions at this 2-day conference.

dotNed User Group

Logo of dotNed

A week later I will do a slightly longer session in Dutch at the monthly .NET user group meeting organized by dotNed. This session is on Thursday 22 Oct at 19:00 CEST via Microsoft Teams.