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I'm Michaël Hompus, a developer in the Netherlands.
As developer I lead and supports several teams. Realizing new and innovative solutions, preferable using the Microsoft Cloud.
I’ve many years of development experience with .NET, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics, Office and much more.

My passion is to share knowledge, with colleagues, customers and peers.

For speaking opportunities see my profile on

I try to be helpful at Stack Overflow.

For a more complete overview of projects, certifications, etc. see my LinkedIn profile.

If you want to reach out to me, just sent me a tweet.

See you later!


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    Hi Michaël,

    I found that you created the library

    Since I'm trying to do some authentication from CRM to a web api using a certifcate, I found your solution.
    The problem is I can't use "Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory" and its AuthenticationContext like you stated too.

    However I'm struggling to create a correct JWT to use for authentication.
    Do you have a short example how to use your code?

    Ruben Fontijn

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    Hi Michael,

    I've just come across your post regarding the Microsoft Project Online sdk. I was hoping you could answer my question on stackoverflow please: