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Bing for business – Part 1: Branding

At the Ignite conference keynote Microsoft announced Bing for business:

A new intelligent search experience for Office 365 and Microsoft 365, which uses AI and the Microsoft Graph to deliver more relevant search results based on your organizational context.

As you might have heard at the end of the demo by Li-Chen Miller, Winvision was mentioned as one of the partners participating in the current preview.

With the public announcement of Bing for business, I am now allowed to show you what the service is currently offering.

In the coming days I will be posting more about Bing for business, starting today with branding.


You want the Bing for business search result to feel familiar for everybody in the company. Therefore, you can configure some settings that change the look and feel. Most notable the name and logo of the company and a recognizable color, just like you can in Office 365.

For our company, this it is something like the following configuration:

This will make the search results in Bing look like this:
The content is stripped to not distract from the branding.

The Bing for business section is recognizable by the gray background bar.

From the settings, we recognize:

  1. The company name
  2. The company color
  3. The logo
  4. The favicon

Even when a Bing for business search result is shown in the sidebar, the company logo and color immediately pop out and make it recognizable as a business result:

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