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Attending the Microsoft Build 2016 conference

This week I will be attending the Microsoft Build 2016 conference in San Francisco.

Lots of news to be expected for developers covering the many technologies Microsoft is putting on the market.


Traditionally there are 2 keynotes at the Build conference. The first one is focusing on Microsoft Windows. The second one is more focused on Microsoft Azure. I expect the same pattern this year.
Based on the news and rumors the last couple of weeks, combined with the scheduled sessions, I expect the following topics to be covered during the keynotes.

  • Windows 10
    Obviously. Redstone is coming and Edge is getting add-ins so those are two obvious topics. I expect an overview of all the new things that are already part of the current fast ring previews.
  • Xamarin
    Microsoft has recently bought the company. A move I already expected two years ago. And looking around San Francisco they’re running quite the marketing campaign. So naturally this needs to be in the keynote. I hope they’ll be answering the question how the licensing will be affected.
  • Xbox
    We are expecting universal apps on the Xbox for several years. But this year should be it. A tweet by Scott Hanselman indicates that Phil Spencer will be part of this year's conference.
  • Surface Hub
    I don’t expect a new device, only some demos. But as the devices are now finally available for purchase, they probably want to do some marketing around these costly beasts. Also, a couple of sessions in the program are mentioning developing apps for this device.
  • Hololens
    The shipping of the first wave of devices is at the same time as the conference, that can’t be accidental. Lots of sessions are covering different aspects of the HoloLens. So, a new demo during the keynote can’t be far away. Hopefully the device can measure the distance between the eyes automatically. Last year this was a manual task.
  • Visual Studio vNext
    A bit of news got around about the next version of Visual Studio and the improved installer experience. This would be the time to share this news officially.
  • .NET Core
    It’s about time the .NET core is officially released as it’s been in preview for a long time. So, I expect the 1.0 RTM version to be pushed to the world today.
  • Azure
    Azure is a big platform, and I expect a couple of new features will be released to the public. Maybe even some Azure Stack integration will be demoed.
  • Office Graph
    Already announced in preview last year. I expect a full release this year. Maybe adding new features to the APIs in preview.

My journey through the week

On my twitter feed I will be posting all the sessions I am attending. My focus will probably be on UWP and Azure related sessions.

Want to meet me or do you have a question about the sessions I’ve attended? Just send me a message.

Watching sessions

Not in San Francisco and still want to be part of the action?
Channel9 will be covering a lot of content live including the Keynotes and interviews. Also, all the sessions will be available online later.

Go to the Channel9 Build 2016 website.