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    Hello there!
    That is a nice post!
    But I have a question. I need to do a search into my UserProfiles to find whom i want, but this in my SSP i have more than 9thousand users sincronized with AD.
    how could i make this search into these all users from SSP without crash my connection. lol
    see my code (very simple):
    UserProfileManager allUsers = new UserProfileManager(context);
    List fullSet = new List();
    foreach (UserProfile user in allUsers)
    return from user in fullSet
    where (user["FirstName"].Value != null) ? user["FirstName"].Value.ToString().ToLower().Contains(Nome.ToLower()) : user["AccountName"].Value.ToString().ToLower().Contains(Nome.ToLower())
    select user;
    Thx anyway!
    (sorry about my english... just learning yet! =D)

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